what are the difference between convo and social media interactions? conversation can be with multtipul people in person and on devices eg whats app grop google talk these apps are other ways to talk

I just woke up and I washed my face but as I washed it I could see that my face was disappearing I looked on my hand and saw what seemed to be an eye on my right hand as I looked in the Mira I saw that the right side of my face was […]

William pearl did not leave a great deal of money when he died and his will was a simple one.he left all his property to his wife this note my dear is entirely for you and will be given to you shortly after i am gone.  

It was March, a brilliant day so I thought. It had everyone fooled because instantly with in the space of half an hour at around 5 o’clock it was a dark foggy night, my friend put the radio on and the broadcaster said that no one should travel by any means And no one should […]

It was February 14th 2016, and I had found myself wanting to tell someone about my life, But I just haven’t found them yet so I decided I would write it down waiting for the right time to share the tales and truth of Dejante Tavernier yeah that’s ME! Childhood. I was born November 25th […]

The extract shows these five language devices list of three, Metaphor, personification, first person narrating and punctuation Three words or reasons put together in a list of three – This technique helps emphasise the point of the text and involves the reader by giving a variation in sentence structures. Metaphor A figure of speech in […]

At the start of the scene their is very Brief confrontation.Octavius and Antony, located on a battlefield in Philippi,they have just learnert that Brutus and Cassius are marching towards them Antony orders Octavius to, “lead your battle softly on / Upon the left hand of the even field”. Octavius contradicts him, and decides to march on […]

Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus are gathered with a checklist of the men they plan to murder for conspiracy. Lepidus agrees that his brother can be killed as long as Antony agrees for his nephew to be killed. Lepidus is sent to collect Caesar’s will, to see if they can divert some of his money their […]

Cicero runs into Casca on the street that night. Casca’s a little shaken up. Though he’s seen his fair share of bad nights, he says the sky is dropping hot fire is definitely a first.Casca thinks maybe there’s a civil war in heaven, or maybe the gods are raining down fury because the world has […]